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Kiteboarding Gear


Our school is based with Cabrinha kites 2021 – 2022 models. We offer supervision rentals and gear rental hourly – Day or Week.


Kiteboarding Gear

As mentioned before, kiteboarding gear is one of those mandatory requirements for a person to engage in kiteboarding. Well, our institute is more than happy to provide you with the latest kiteboarding gear. With the right kind of kiteboarding gear, you can simply experience the best of this activity.

Gear Included

Being a highly professional kiteboarding Turks And Caicos school, we are equipped with the latest, most effective kiteboarding gear. Here is a brief list of the gear we offer for our students;

  • Kites (Including C-Kites, Bow Kites, Delta Kites, Hybrid Kites, Foil Kites)
  • Boards (Twin Tips, Foils, Strapless Surfboards, Raceboards)
  • Accessories (Harnesses, Kite Bars, Bindings, Kite Lines, Footstraps, Bags)
  • And, everything else a kiteboarder needs!

Gear for Rentals

As a beginner, it is not mandatory for you to buy all that gear when practicing kiteboarding Turks And Caicos. Instead, you can simply rent kiteboarding gear from us. Our kiteboarding gear for rentals is exceptionally affordable. All the gear we rent is in perfect condition.