Kiteboarding Lessons, Prices, Equipment

“Kitesurf is a great sport to do with friends"

Individual Lesson
  • Each lesson includes equipment rental
  • 100% attention and guidance from a personally assigned trainer
  • Lessons for both beginner and advanced level individuals
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
Group Lesson
  • Each lesson includes equipment rental
  • Up to 03 individuals per each group
  • 100% Individual attention through private lessons
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
Basic Course
  • This option lets you save $140
  • Each trainee is provided with equipment
  • Each trainee is entitled for private, one-on-one lessons
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Individual attention by a professional trainer
  • Each trainee is eligible for equipment as well
  • Can take part in advanced levels as well
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Introduction to “Wind Window”
  • Safety Strategies
  • How to fly a small kite (first 30 minutes)
  • How to rig and fly an inflatable leading-edge kite
  • Body dragging techniques
  • Mastering board techniques
  • Waterstart
  • Self-rescue

Looking for kitesurfing lessons? Our main goal is that you have fun during the lessons, while at the same time receive both safety and technical skill information. Your instructor will always be next to you as you progress through the course. After about 6-8 hours of instruction you will be riding independently and will have the confidence to ride in more difficult conditions, such as deep water and higher winds. 

Kitesurf is a great sport to do with friends. However, it is really important to learn to kitesurf from an internationally certified instructor. This will ensure that you are taught not only the technical aspects which will make you a better rider, such as proper form, posture and an understanding of the wind. But also the critical safety aspects of the sport, such as kite release and self rescue.

At the completion of the course you will be presented with a certification card which is accepted world wide . This card will allow you to rent kitesurf gear, and to ride in any kitespot in the world.

Typical Lesson Plan

Step 1 - approximately 30 min on the beach and 90 min in the water 50%

Focus on safety instructions and wind theory. The first part of the lesson is spent on the beach, where we teach with a trainer kite and setting a 4 line kite. Then we enter the water and progress to flying a full size kite. Water exercises, controlling the kite, power exercises and body dragging. Learning how to relaunch the kite from the water. At the end of this session we start to work with the board. This step can be taken in a group – with a maximum group size of 3 person.

Step 2 - approximately 2 hours in the water 75%

Focus on the board. We do different exercises where the student has to use the kite and the board at the same time, balance exercises. The main focus of this session is to standing up on the board and start short rides.

This step can be taken in a group – with a maximum group size of 3 person.

Step 3 - Approx. 2-4 hours in water

Focus on the riding. The main focus of this session is to staying on the board and controlling the speed and direction. Learn how to come back to the same spot.

This step is recommended be taken as an individual lesson.

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