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Zero 2 Hero Lessons

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Zero to Hero Course

Just like the name suggests, “Zero 2 Hero” is a specially designed course for novice kiteboarders to explore the fun and excitement associated with kiteboarding.
Kiteboarding Techniques…
In fact, “Zero 2 Hero” is a basic course that covers the essentials of kiteboarding techniques. The course is designed to teach how to fly a kite properly with “safety first” concept in mind. That means, the school will teach how to fly a kite without any hazardous consequences.

Become a “Kiteboarding Hero”

Although the main intention of the course is to deliver fun with kiteboarding, the school doesn’t compromise the safety of the students. The program is designed for a span of three hours and you can even try the board. Those who possess board skills such as wakeboarding and snowboarding will find it easier to do the board riding. However, having such skills is not mandatory; we provide you the required assistance to get on the board and surf smoothly and safely. So, if you are a beginner, welcome to KitesurfTCI and become a “kiteboarding hero”