Kiteboarding in Turks and Caicos Islands Is A Great Adventure!

Come, learn and practice in the best and most valued kitesurfing school in providenciales!

Kitesurfing Turks and Caicos
All of our instructors hold international certifications
The trainers who serve at our institute come with international certifications. Therefore, all the training programs we offer are of high standards and results-guaranteed. Robert Bedoya, our head instructor in Kitesurfing Turks and Caicos, possesses over 12 years of experience as a professional kite boarding specialist. Moreover, he is recognized as a professional windsurfer for more than 20 years. That explains why KitesurfTCI stands out as the most experienced, professional and qualified kitesurfing school in Providenciales.
Kitesurfing Turks and Caicos
We’re all addicted to kitesurfing and can’t wait to share this sport with you!
Learning how to kite in providenciales islands is a dream, this espectacular spot Is an exclusive and luxury destination. Turks Caicos Kiteboarding and other activities include Kite trips (kiteboarding charters), Stand-Up-Paddle boarding (SUP), kayaking, Windsurf lessons and rentals. best of all, there are no crowds in Provo.

The most professional team and experienced Kitesurfing in turks and caicos and Providenciales. Contact us today!

kiteboarding Lessons

Our internationally recognized trainers are excited to offer their professional services to kite boarding enthusiasts across the globe. In fact, the backbone of our kite boarding company is our qualified, professional and experience staff.
Individual Lesson
  • Includes Equipment Rental
  • Private One-to-One Lesson
  • Both beginner and advanced levels
  • Guarantee Satisfaction
Group Lesson
  • Includes Equipment Rental
  • Max 3 People
  • Private Lesson
  • Guarantee Satisfaction
Basic Course
  • Save $140
  • Includes Equipment Rental
  • Private One-on-One Lessons
  • Guarantee Satisfaction
  • Private One-to-One Lesson
  • Equipment Included
  • Guarantee Satisfaction
  • Advanced Levels
  • Introduction to “Wind Window”
  • Safety Strategies
  • How to fly a small kite (first 30 minutes)
  • How to rig and fly an inflatable leading-edge kite
  • Body dragging techniques
  • Mastering board techniques
  • Waterstart
  • Self-rescue

What you can expect by following “Zero 2 Hero” course

Just like the name suggests, “Zero 2 Hero” is a specially designed course for novice kiteboarders to explore the fun and excitement associated with kiteboarding.
In fact, “Zero 2 Hero” is a basic course that covers the essentials of kiteboarding techniques. The course is designed to teach how to fly a kite properly with “safety first” concept in mind. That means, the school will teach how to fly a kite without any hazardous consequences.
Although the main intention of the course is to deliver fun with kiteboarding, the school doesn’t compromise the safety of the students. The program is designed for a span of three hours and you can even try the board. Those who possess board skills such as wakeboarding and snowboarding will find it easier to do the board riding. However, having such skills is not mandatory; we provide you the required assistance to get on the board and surf smoothly and safely. So, if you are a beginner, welcome to KitesurfTCI and become a “kiteboarding hero”

For Whom?

Any Kitesurfing enthusiastic individual in Turks And Caicos, between the ages of 5 and 70 can take our course. Your experience level doesn’t matter at all – our courses are tailormade to match different levels of expertise. That means, we offer best kiteboarding lessons for both absolute beginners as well as for advanced individuals.

What do we offer?

In fact, we are proud to introduce ourselves as the most diversified kitesurfing school in Providenciales. We offer a large range of courses under different levels to match the requirement of different individuals across the globe. Windsurfing lessons, Stand-Up-Paddle boarding lessons, Kayaking lessons, and Kiteboarding lessons are among the courses we offer. More importantly, we take your freedom and privacy very seriously and therefore, we conduct our training sessions for small groups.
Best lesson I’ve ever had!
Carole C. Ontario, Canada
Absolutely incredible experience with Robert. He is an incredible teacher and like nothing I have experienced before. Robert will take you out of the busy bay area on a Zodiac so you are free to learn without fear or intimidation of other kiters. Awesome job Robert. Thank you!

What else?

As we mentioned earlier, we offer a diversified range of services for those who are passionate about exploring the excitement and adventurousness of blue waters in Turks and Caicos.
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